Recovery / Rehab Treatment


With built in programs to help with pain management, back pain, muscle recovery and muscle stimulation, we can alter the program to suit your specific needs.

Combine this treatment with massage or physiotherapy or cupping for greater effects.



These full length leg compression boots or arm compression sleeve, provide a compartmentalised pump action from your ankles to your upper thigh or your wrist to your upper arm, to help with muscle recovery, lymphatic drainage, reduced swelling and increased blood flow.

These may be used for medical purposes or for sporting recovery or simply for tired legs from standing all day long.



Cupping treatment can improve your myofascial glide and increase blood flow to your soft tissue.  It can also relax your mind and your nervous system.  When combined with massage therapy the results may be incredible.



  • Recovery Boots or Compex for 20-30 minutes – $20
  • Recovery Boots and/or Compex for 40 minutes – $40
  • Recovery Boots and/or Compex for 60 minuttes – $60
  • Weekly Membership (one 30min session/day) – $45
  • Cupping / Massage – 40 minute consultation for $75