Rotator Cuff (Part 1)

The Rotator Cuff Muscles

Four small muscles of the shoulder that originate on the shoulder blade (front, back and top) and attach on the upper arm are
essential in controlling the movement of the ball (the head of the humerus) inside the socket of the shoulder.

Essentially they help control the internal and external rotation of the glenohumeral joint as you lift your arms in any direction. This means if you maintain a healthy range of motion in these movements, as well as work on the stability or control of rotation of the shoulder you are less likely to have problems with the rotator cuff.

With age we often see degeneration of the tendons, and in overhead sport there is an increased risk of tendon tears or accelerated degenerative change.

In future posts I will demonstrate exercises that will help to maintain good rotational range and improve stability of the glenohumeral joint. Stay tuned.

Glenohumeral jointRotator Cuff Muscle

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