About Us

Daniel Morrison

Physiotherapist / Weightlifting Coach / Pilates Instructor

April King

Physiotherapist/Level 3 CrossFit Coach/Pilates Instructor

Emma Ellison

Physiotherapist / Pilates Instructor / Sports Trainer

Sandy Newton-king

Physiotherapist / Dry Needling / Pilates Instructor

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To Book for Pilates and Kilate classes, please visit MindBody using the details below:

  1.  Set up a username (email address) and password
  2.  Search Fitness then CrossFit then CrossFit King
  3.  Go to Refomer Pilates
  4.  From here you can see the calendar (you may need to click on the calendar icon) and you may book in to classes.
  5.  You may also cancel your classes using the same method.  We require 24 hours notice on cancellations to avoid paying a fee due to the small numbers in our classes.
  6.  Don’t forget to save us as your Favourite to make it easier every time you login.